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Sajdah ( Prostration ) Verse

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Sajdah tilawat is the sajdah that one has to perform as an obligatory duty when one reads, recites, or hears, in the prayer or outside, some specific verses containing those words.

In his well-known book, The Reliance of the Traveler, Ahmad ibn Naqib Al-Misri, states: “To prostrate after reciting certain Qur'anic verses that refer to or command Sujud is Sunnah. This can be done by the person who recites and whoever listens to him. "

The Holy Prophet, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam, has observed, "One a person prostrates himself after reading a verse requiring the performance of sajdah, the shaitan starts crying and wailing in a corner, saying: 'Alas! The children of Adam were enjoined to perform sajdah and they carried it out, and become entitled to enter Paradise, but I refused to do so and was condemned to Hell.'" (Muslim and Ibn Majah)

In another Hadith narrated by Ibn `Umar, may Allah be pleased with them both, who said, "The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, used to read Qur'an, and whenever he read a Surah which contained a prostration, he would prostrate and we would prostrate with him so that some of us could not find a place to lay their forehead." (Reported by Muslim)]

Prostration of Quran Recitation (Sajdah Al Tilawah / Sujud Al Tilawah)

It is sunnah to make a prostration of Quran recitation at the appropriate verses in the Quran for: - the one who recites, - the one who is actively listening, and - the one who just happens to hear the recitation.


Prophet SAW said "When you have recited a verse requiring sajdah tilawat, you should go down for sajdah with Allahu-Akbar and rise from sajdah with Allahu-Akbar, which may be performed sitting, though it is preferable to prostrate oneself from the standing position." (Abu Dawood)

The pre-requisites for this Sajdah are the same as for the Salah. One has to be in Wudu', wearing proper clothes and should face the Qibla when making this Sajdah. Women, if they hear the reading of the Qur'an during their menses or post childbirth bleeding period, are not required to make this Sajdah. If one reads any of the above-mentioned verses in the prayer then one should go to the Sajdah immediately. Outside the prayer, if any of these verses are recited or heard then the Sajdah should be done as soon as possible. There is only one Sajdah required for each verse and in the Sajdah one should recite the usual du'a: "Subhana rabbiyal-A'la".

The four integrals of the Qur’anic recital prostration (outside Prayer) are:
(a) the intention,
(b) the opening Allahu Akbar,
(c) the prostration,
(d) and the final Salams (which can only be uttered in a sitting position).

The Sajdah Verses

There are 14 places in the Quran when it is sunnah to prostrate:
1.Surat al-A`raaf (surah 7, verse 206)
2.Surat ar-Ra`d (surah 13, verse 15)
3.Surat an-Nahl (surah 16, verse 49-50)
4.Surat al-Israa' (surah 17, verse 107-9)
5.Surat Maryam (surah 19, verse 58)
6.Surat al-Hajj (surah 22, verse 18)
7.Surat al-Hajj (surah 22, verse 77)
8.Surat al-Furqan (surah 25, verse 60)
9.Surat an-Naml (surah 27, verse 25-6)
10.Surat as-Sajda (surah 32, verse 15)
11.Surat Fussilat (surah 41, verse 37-8)
12.Surat an-Najm (surah 53, verse 62)
13.Surat al-Inshiqaaq (surah 84, verse 21)
14.Surat al-`Alaq (surah 96, verse 19)
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